TK Hot Dip Galvanizing Line

The new TK Hot Dip Galvanizing Line consists of two parallel buildings approximately 1200 feet in length with each building housing two galvanizing lines.  Typical eave elevations are 100 feet high, with each building containing a raised cooling tower section.  The cooling tower sections are 230 feet tall in one of the buildings and 180 feet in the other.  Each of the buildings provides clear access throughout, thereby maximizing the usable space for production.

The overall size of these buildings presented a few challenges because they were located near the Gulf of Mexico and thus subject to large wind loads.  With heights over 200 feet in a high wind region, CSD was able to provide several unique design solutions to meet the client’s stringent drift and deflection requirements.  In the cooling tower, CSD designed a combination of belt and box trusses to overcome these challenges.  Box trusses were also utilized to support end wall framing which allowed for clear passage to adjacent buildings.

Services Provided:

Designed structural system

Sealed structural calculations

Sealed structural drawings

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