Projects – Architectural

  • Inland Detroit Diesel

    Inland Detroit Diesel

    The project is a 62,000 square foot one story large vehicle maintenance and office facility.  The building consists of a steel framed structure with an insulated metal wall panel and...

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  • Fabco Rents – Lincoln Contractors Supply

    Fabco Rents – Lincoln Contractors

    The project consists of the alteration and renovation of an old aircraft hangar with bowed wood trusses into a construction equipment rental facility.  It is across the street from the...

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  • Prairie Preserve Corporate Center

    Prairie Preserve Corporate Center

    This 40,000 square foot two story corporate office facility is constructed of cast in place concrete structure up to the second level with a precast floor system.  A steel framed...

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  • Ozaukee State Bank

    Ozaukee State Bank

    This 10,000 square foot two story bank building is constructed of a masonry and stone exterior, precast concrete floor system and a steel joist and metal deck roof system. The...

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  • Datastore


    The project is a 60,000 square foot file and medical record storage facility constructed with a steel frame and insulated precast wall panel exterior. This facility contains a free standing...

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  • Kelch – Division of Bemis

    Kelch – Division of Bemis

    The project is a 174,000 square foot plastic injection molding facility including a two story office, a warehouse area, a die set-up area and a maintenance shop. The building is...

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