CSD Featured in US Builders Review

Computerized Structural Design, S.C. was recently featured in US Builders Review Spring 2014 Edition with a detailed profile featuring CSD’s work in the industrial sector.  See the article below.

CSD was approached by US Builders Review after designing Steel Dynamics Inc. new copper mill in New Haven, Indiana.

US Builders Review CSD Article

CSD Designs Custom Lifting Rig for the Shedd Aquarium

 Project: Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, Illinois

Client: Super Sky Products Enterprises, LLC

Project Description: Computerized Structural Design, S.C. designed a custom lifting rig for the Shedd Aquarium as part of the recent upgrades to the structure to accommodate a new skylight.  The custom rig was used to concurrently elevate five 1,000 pound pieces of ornamental lead cresting so that new flashing could be installed.  Crane access to the Aquarium’s site was not possible.  The unique and creative solution allowed workers to install the new flashing efficiently and installation of the new skylight to proceed smoothly.  The pictures below provide an interesting perspective of the construction.

CSD has the experience and practical knowledge to assist with any type of specialty construction project.  See our Services and Projects page for more information.

Shedd Aquarium 2Shedd Aquarium 1





Project Healing Waters

George Batcha, Principal, has been a company leader in the design and construction of industrial structures for many years with CSD.  However, his first love is fly fishing.  For the past few years, George has been working with Project Healing Waters ( to share his love of fly fishing with local veterans.  George recently shared his experience with an electronic fly fishing magazine, A Tight Loop, in an article titled “Healing Those Who Serve.”  The article is available online ( or using the PDF included below.

Healing Those Who Serve

Please contact George if you are interested in more information or would like to volunteer with Project Healing Waters.

Many thanks to George for his hard work and to our veterans!

Grand Stair Steps Up in Size and Scope

Project: Frontier State Bank, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Client: Arcways Inc., Neenah, WI

Project Description: Custom Curved Wood Stair

Project Scope: Provide engineering services in the preliminary design phase to aid Arcways in selling a buildable wood stair concept to the owner. Provide final engineering services to design and detail the wood stair.

Project Challenges: The customer chose to have the stair to be constructed of wood. The treads and risers are Select Structural Maple while the stringers are constructed of laminated plywood that has maple overlays. Given the commercial occupancy, the wood stair was designed to support a 100 psf live load. The stair was also designed to have the treads clad in marble as well as art-glass chandeliers hung from the landing members (the marble was not installed in favor of Maple treads). Both the commercial live load and the dead load of the finish materials yielded serviceability issues such as differential deflection between stringers. The concerns were addressed by iterating with varying stiffness of the outside to inside stringers as well as incorporating connections that provided continuity for the outside stringer to help reduce/equalize the displacements under design loads. The use of large rolled steel gusset plates, laminated within the profile of the wood stringers was required to provide the continuity/limit the deflections of the outside stringer. Typical steel gusset plate connections had approximately 40 through bolts to connect the two independent stringer pieces together at landing locations.

Of Note: According to Arcways, they’ve “checked with the Stairway Manufacturers Association and there is nothing on record that remotely comes close to the massive scale of these circular commercial stairs out of wood nationally or internationally.”

Arcways Stair 3

Arcways Stair 1Arcways Stair 2


CSD Receives 2013 Excellence in Engineering Award – Large Projects from SEA of Wisconsin

Project: Rolling Mill #2, Pittsoboro, IN Facility

Client: Steel Dynamics

Project Description: The Rolling Mill #2 “White Lightning” project is the addition of a second steel rolling mill facility to Steel Dynamic INC’s (SDI) Engineered Bar Products Division in Pittsboro, Indiana. SDI-Pittsboro produces reinforcing bars for use in concrete construction, and round and square merchant bars for use in the manufacturing of various products. The new addition will increase the mill’s capacity to produce special bar- quality (SBQ) steel bars which are used in the manufacturing of automotive and industrial equipment parts requiring a high degree of precision.

The second rolling mill is an 82,000 square foot addition that consists of three crane runway aisles including a steel billet storage area, steel rolling mill line, and a maintenance area to service the rolls used to shape the bar products in the mill. Computerized Structural Design (CSD) was hired by SDI to perform the structural engineering for the mill building structure, building foundations, electrical equipment buildings, machinery access platforms, and machinery foundations.

CSD submitted the foundation design portion of the project to the Structural Engineers Association of Wisconsin for the 2013 Excellence in Engineering Award – Large Projects. At the SEA-WI Fall Technical Conference, CSD was presented with the award.

SDI Rolling Mill