Nucor Castrip

The Castrip facility utilizes strip casting technology, direct casting of molten steel into final shape and thickness without further hot or cold rolling, to produce ultra-thin cast steel.  This new facility of approximately 160,000 square feet with four crane runways was added to the existing Nucor-Yamato Steel mill facility.  Located on the banks of the Mississippi River in an area with high earthquake ground motion accelerations, the steel mill buildings are assigned to Seismic Design Category E.

The Caster Bay building is 125 feet tall supporting two 200 ton overhead cranes with crane runway plate girders spanning up to 126 feet.  The seismic load resisting system for the mill buildings consists of cantilevered laced steel columns with connecting roof joist girders in the transverse direction and ordinary concentrically braced frames in the longitudinal direction.  CSD performed a modal response spectrum analysis of the steel mill buildings based on the site-specific spectral response.  The mill building structural steel was designed in accordance with AISC 341 Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings.  CSD coordinated the required special seismic inspections with the building owner and structural steel fabricators.

CSD similarly designed the adjacent three-story Electric Building consisting of structural steel special concentrically braced frames and eccentrically braced frames for the seismic load resisting system.

Services Provided:
Designed structural system
Sealed structural drawings

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