Construction Support

Due to the complexity and unique requirements of construction projects, it is often necessary to include specialized construction support in addition to temporary bracing, lifting, and rigging. Contractors and erectors face challenges in construction projects that require additional engineering support and can substantially impact the scope and budget of the project. CSD has the expertise and experience to develop customized solutions that enable contractors and erectors to realize their vision and stay on schedule.

CSD has the expertise and experience to provide Hurricane Contingency Planning for projects during construction. Additionally, projects located in seismic regions benefit from specific erection sequencing and planning for an earthquake. Beyond design and planning, CSD offers the expertise to analyze projects during construction for unique situations and existing structures for construction activity. This also includes:

  • Hurricane contingency planning
  • Seismic analysis of partially completed structures
  • Custom lifting devices
  • Existing structure analysis for construction activities
  • Analysis and design of specialty shoring tower and jacking systems

Featured Project

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Design Services

  • Design of Temporary Foundations
  • Review of Structure for Construction Equipment
  • Review of Crane Mats / Path
  • Shoring & Bracing
  • Tower Crane Support
  • Hurricane Contingency Planning

Connect with the Experts

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