Equipment & Component Support

CSD understands the challenges that manufacturers face related to enclosures, bases and structures to support their equipment, and offers solutions that exceed expectations.

CSD provides the design of the supports, bracing and anchorage for aeration equipment used in the wastewater treatment industry. Our design considers seismic loads and the effects of water sloshing.

Steel Filter Tanks

Various locations

CSD designs steel tanks used to filter water for various wastewater clients. These tanks are designed for operating and seismic loads.

Steel Curbs

Various locations

CSD designs the anchorage for roof top HVAC units for various steel curb manufacturers. Our design includes the anchorage of the unit to the curb and the curb to the...

Equipment Skids

Various locations

CSD designs the equipment bracing and supporting skids for various equipment manufacturers.

Circular Clarifiers

Various locations

CSD designs the circular clarifier equipment structural components for operating and seismic loads including water sloshing.

The Coresite LA3 Generators are multiple diesel-powered electric generators that supply emergency power for a data center in Los Angeles, California. Due to limited space on the site, the generators...

GE Healthcare in Waukesha, WI was in need of replacement and upsizing of their cooling towers, which serve as part of the manufacturing process for their magnetic resonance products. CSD’s...

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