CSD Company History Timeline

CSD Structural Engineers (CSD) was incorporated

as Computerized Structural Design when two local professors, Don Buettner (President) and LeRoy Lutz (Vice-President), working at the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee, decided to leave the world of academia and return to the professional practice of structural engineering.

CSD Founders Jim Fisher, Don Buettner and LeRoy Lutz

First Project – UWM Union Building

CSD First Project - UWM Union

Jim Fisher joins the firm

bringing a balance of academic insight and practical engineering experience to the new firm.

ECOM Associates is created

within CSD to program early structural computer software. Several advances are made with changing technology while new software is created until being sold in 1986.

Curt Miller begins his 40+ years of tenure

with CSD establishing himself as an expert in design of Rack Structures along with other areas of structural engineering.

CSD moves to new headquarters

North of Milwaukee to accommodate continued growth.

Gary Householder begins his career with CSD

and now has nearly 40 years of design experience in architectural and structural precast concrete.

Gary Householder | CSD Structural Engineers

Jim Michalek focuses

his expertise toward the design of heavy industrial structures and steel mills.

James Michalek | CSD Structural Engineers

Jim Fisher is awarded the AISC T.R. Higgins Lectureship Award

John Rolfes joins CSD

and provides expertise in seismic analysis and the design of industrial buildings to this day.

CSD celebrates 25-year anniversary

with an eye towards future growth and strengthening client relationships.

George Batcha joins CSD

after several years of designing industrial structures in the pre-engineered metal building industry.

CSD continues to expand

services by opening a Colorado Office headed by Jules Van de Pas.

Mahmoud Maamouri joins CSD

and pursues a variety of work in the concrete industry and with specialty structures.


Darin Riggleman joins CSD

and focuses his design efforts towards industrial structures/foundations as well as specialty design in the petrochemical industry.

Darin Riggleman | CSD Structural Engineers

Jim Fisher receives the AISC Lifetime Achievement Award

for outstanding service to the structural steel design industry.

LeRoy Lutz receives the ACI Concrete Research Council Arthur J. Boase Award

for his outstanding contributions to the concrete field.

Mark Bolens oversees the design work

of architectural precast concrete on Saint Clare’s Hospital ensuring another successful project outcome.

St. Clare's Hospital - Construction Engineering | CSD Structural Engineers Mark Bolens | CSD Structural Engineers

Tom Whittow becomes CSD’s second president

after 25 years of work for CSD’s steel producer clients.

Jim Fisher receives the AISC J. Lloyd Kimbrough Award

which recognizes him as one of the pre-eminent steel designers of the era.

CSD provides connection design on 1 World Trade Center

with expertise from Mike Kempfert and the connection design team.

Tim Bickel relocates to Greenville, South Carolina

to better serve a growing client base in the southeast.

Curt Miller becomes CSD’s third president

Tom Getschman manages the construction engineering

of the complex and unique ExxonMobil headquarters.

ExxonMobile - Construction Engineering | CSD Structural Engineers


Michael West receives the AISC Lifetime Achievement Award

for outstanding service to the structural steel design industry.


Steve Herlache provides critical value engineering insight

to the 150 North Riverside connection design project resulting in major cost and schedule savings.

150 N Riverside - Connection Design | CSD Structural Engineers

Richard Kaehler posthumously receives AISC Lifetime Achievement Award

for outstanding service to the structural steel design industry.

CSD completes a rebranding campaign

and remodeling of the Milwaukee office.

LeRoy Lutz is presented with the Beedle Award

during the SSRC Annual Stability Conference.

CSD maintains professional registration

in all 50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and several Canadian provinces to meet continued growth and client demand.

CSD celebrates our 50-year anniversary

with our fourth President, Michael Ryer, leading the helm.

Michael Ryer | CSD Structural Engineers