Equipment Support Design

All projects require equipment for various building systems that need to be designed for environmental loads. CSD provides structural engineering to manufacturers of specialty equipment, owners, and building designers to ensure their equipment conforms to local building codes and project requirements. CSD can also provide review of the building structure to ensure it is adequate for the imposed loads from equipment.

CSD will design and review manufacturer equipment for operating loads, wind loads, seismic loads (including water sloshing) to ensure conformance. The use of finite element analysis (FEA) modeling and in-house design software allows for quick and efficient design solutions.

Featured Project

The Coresite LA3 Generators are multiple diesel-powered electric generators that supply emergency power for a data center in Los Angeles, California.  Learn More >

Design Services

  • Design of structural components for circular clarifier equipment
  • Design of Steel Digester Covers
  • Design of Equipment Enclosures
  • Design of Bracing and Support Skids for Equipment
  • Design of Anchorage and Curbs for
  • Rooftop HVAC Units
  • Design of Tanks for Wastewater Process

Connect with the Experts

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