Storage Rack Design

As automated storage and retrieval systems continue to expand and evolve, the design of storage rack structures is of increasing importance to the global economy. CSD brings over four decades of experience to designing rack-supported buildings and rack structures that meet the needs of the owner as well as the demands of the system. CSD has designed large rack structures nationwide that serve consumers in a variety of sectors from storage of food products to storage of 45 ton steel coils.

CSD delivers drawings with designs that are straightforward to fabricate and erect, saving valuable shop and field time. This ensures that the structure is up and running as quickly as possible.

Our storage rack design services have evolved to include BIM modeling and erection engineering services in addition to structural design. Our engineering capabilities serve our clients on projects that push the industry boundaries on standard rack storage and rack supported building design.

Featured Project

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Design Services

  • Structural Design
  • Rack Supported Building
  • Free Standing Rack Structures
  • Foundation Design
  • Modifications to Existing Structures
  • Structural Evaluations and Inspections

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