Rigging & Lift Planning

CSD brings years of experience and expertise to the rigging and lift planning design process. This work typically involves valuable equipment, heavy loads, oversized items, and tight clearances. These lifts require careful planning and coordination with the erector and contractor to ensure success.

Erectors and contractors that partner with CSD on a construction project benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that any new and unexpected challenges will be met with considerable experience. CSD has expertise in:

  • Rigging Layout and Design
  • Lift Lug Design
  • Analysis of Lifted Loads
  • Logistical Planning of Construction Equipment

Our structural design expertise allows us to coordinate directly with the project design team, as well as with the rigging supplier and crane supplier, resulting in improved communication and coordination critical to effective lift planning. CSD offers complete construction engineering services that allow us to be the one source for rigging/lift planning, temporary bracing, construction support, and structural analysis of the lifted object. This level of service allows CSD to provide all your engineering requirements for your future lifts.

Featured Project

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Design Services

  • Review of Rigging Hardware
  • Review of Lift Plans
  • Design of Specialty Lifting Devices
  • Design of Lifting Lugs & Brackets
  • Creation of Sealed Lift Plans
  • Analysis of Lifted Load

Connect with the Experts

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