Rigging & Lift Planning

Specialized lifts are a critical part of construction on large projects. These lifts typically involve valuable equipment, heavy loads, oversized items, and tight clearances. Proper lift planning is essential to the success of each lift. CSD can provide critical and engineered lift documentation that includes site planning, ground preparation, review of crane capacity and set-up, and lifted load analysis. CSD works with on-site field personnel to effectively use equipment and resources on every lift performed.

Rigging is an essential portion of each lift. CSD brings the knowledge and experience to provide the design and analysis of lifting devices (i.e. lift beams, specialty frames, etc.), rigging selection for complex lifts, and design and review of lifting lugs.

Each rigging assembly has unique aspects for which CSD can provide the required specialized solution. This level of service allows CSD to provide all your engineering requirements for your future lifts.

Featured Project

Duke Energy - Construction Engineering | CSD Structural Engineers

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Design Services

  • Review of Rigging Hardware
  • Review of Lift Plans
  • Design of Specialty Lifting Devices
  • Design of Lifting Lugs & Brackets
  • Creation of Sealed Lift Plans
  • Analysis of Lifted Load

Connect with the Experts

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