66 Hudson Boulevard

66 Hudson Boulevard

Project Type: Connection Design
Location: New York, New York
CSD Contact: Mike Kempfert

With approximately 31,500 tons of steel, this 68-story New York City highrise houses 2.85 million square feet of mixed-use space. Complex connections with extremely large forces and difficult 3D geometry created a challenge for the builders that needed to be addressed by the experts at CSD.

To meet the needs of the project, CSD’s engineers used 18” thick solid plate nodes in several places to secure the multistory truss connections. Using this solution, instead of CJP welding of several plates together, resulted in a structure that is more robust and will help maintain its structural integrity for the life of the structure.

Due to the complex nature of these connections, a high level of coordination between the CSD team, the detailer, the erector, the fabricator, and the engineer of record was required. CSD’s expertise in collaboration and exceeding the expectations of the customer was a key element in this successful project.

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