Acrisure Arena

Acrisure Arena

Location: Thousand Palms, CA
CSD Contact: Adam Friedman

As Erection Engineer, CSD aided in the construction of the home of the Coachella Valley Firebirds of the American Hockey League, the Acrisure Arena. This event venue and arena can seat 10,000 people, and includes practice facilities, hosts concerts and shows, and other sporting events.

The project site is located in a special wind region which required that temporary bracing be designed to combat the Santa Ana winds. This weather anomaly is unique to the area but created challenges throughout the project to ensure that stability of the partially complete structure could be maintained.

To accommodate the different trades working on the project, the majority of the roof construction was modularized into ground assembled box trusses. Thile allowing much of the work to be performed at a safer elevation and avoiding work at high levels, this also required that the box trusses be reinforced and evaluated for lifting.

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