Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility

Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility

Location: Denver, CO
CSD Contact: Jules Van de Pas

The commuter rail maintenance facility (CRMF) is a LEED Gold certified, 230,000 square foot facility used to maintain, clean and store the high-speed vehicles that serve the Rail Line to Denver International Airport (Gold Line), and the Northern half of the Denver Metro Rail Lines. The facility houses approximately 220 operators, mechanics, and other staff, and services 80 electric rail cars. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art training and conference rooms, offices, break rooms, lockers, and is home to the Operations Control Center (OCC) that manages the commuter rail network, train dispatch, security systems, positive train control, and the radio communication.

Since the CRMF provides all repairs, maintenance, and cleaning for the rail vehicles; the mechanics and staff need access to all areas of the rails cars including the under carriage, and the top of the cars. CSD designed 6 bays of open, elevated rail lines and maintenance access platforms for the 590 ft long facility. In addition to the elevated rail and platforms, CSD designed supports for numerous overhead cranes that service the facility.

Extraordinary Value

CSD teamed with the steel fabricator, architect, foundation engineer, mechanical engineer, industrial engineer, the fire protection engineer, and the general contractor to provide an operable and fully integrated 3D BIM model using a multitude of Autodesk products including Revit and Navisworks.

Services Provided

CSD provided all structural steel member design, lateral design and analysis, bracing design, connection design, and miscellaneous steel design. These services were provided primarily with Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, proprietary design software, SAP, TEDDS, GT Strudl, and RAM SS.

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