Dry Screen Building

Dry Screen Building

Location: Convent, LA
CSD Contact: Jules Van de Pas

This project, located in Convent, LA, consisted of a building to support and house ore processing equipment. The equipment included the tail end of a conveyor, a vibratory feeder, an ore processing screen, and the associated chutes and dust collection equipment. The building included five support levels with equipment access and supports at each platform. Both the vibratory feeder and the dry screen imparted dynamic load on the structure, creating challenges for the CSD team.
As engineer of record for the design of the structure, CSD was tasked with designing the steel framed building and connections. CSD performed a detailed dynamic analysis of the framing to evaluate the effects of vibration from the supported equipment. The CSD team developed a 3D model of the structure using Revit, which was incorporated into the clients Navisworks model of the overall process.
CSD pioneered the use of 3D computer modeling software in structural design, and our experienced engineers continue to leverage our software expertise in our contributions to projects nationwide and beyond.

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