Kennecott Eagle Minerals Bins

Kennecott Eagle Minerals Bins

Location: Ishpeming, MI
CSD Contact: Mike Kempfert

This facility is an underground nickel-copper mining operation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The mine is expected to produce 300 million pounds of nickel and 250 million pounds of copper during its 7 to 8 year life. These bins will discharge ore at a rate of 40 metric tons per hour.

CSD analyzed and designed the three mass flow storage bins and hoppers. The largest of the three bins measures 28’ wide by 41’-6” long by 28’-8” tall. The total hopper depth is 25 feet. The floor at the top of the bins supports the roof structure and the conveying equipment. The challenge on this project was sizing the box beams in between each set of bins. These box beams were limited to 8 1/2” wide.

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