Steel Dynamics Flat Roll Mill

Steel Dynamics Flat Roll Mill

Location: Sinton, TX
CSD Contact: Mike Kempfert

CSD’s longstanding relationship with Steel Dynamics proved to be a valuable asset for this massive construction project just north of Corpus Christi, Texas. At $1.9B, the project was the largest SDI have ever attempted, requiring a close partnership with a structural engineering firm they could depend on. The experts at CSD were eager to contribute to this interesting and exciting opportunity.

The massive scale of the mill buildings required crane runways up to 125 feet above the mill floor, with crane bridge spans up to 115 feet. The crane runways were required to withstand a variety of forces, including vertical loads from the crane and lifted loads, dynamic lifting forces, side thrusts transverse to the structural framing, and horizontal forces along the length of the runway. The facility’s location near the Gulf of Mexico also meant exposure to hurricane-force winds, requiring a robust structural design.

CSD contributed expertise to the entire mill facility – building design, building foundations, and equipment foundations. To learn more about this project, read this article in Modern Steel Construction.

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