Steel Framed Stairway Design [N3]
April 2018
Category Presentation

This session provides guidance for the design and layout of steel elements for steel framed stairways, guards, handrail and related components. Background information regarding stairways, code requirements, design methods, guard/handrail design, special considerations, delegated design and design examples will be presented. Topics include:

  • Common issues related to the design and construction of steel framed stairways
  • Understanding of stair types, members, and components
  • General overview of code requirements specific to stairways
  • Structural engineering for steel stairway members and connections
  • Delegated design considerations
  • Coordination between stair designer and architect, engineer of record, detailer, fabricator and erector

Intended Audience: Engineers, Fabricators, Detailers
Track: Design & Analysis

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