Structure Design

is an integral portion of building design. CSD understands the importance of connection design in regards to aesthetics, efficiency, erection, and economy.

We work with architects, engineers, fabricators, and detailers to provide a wide range of experience for the needs of every connection in a project. CSD specializes in connection design for every sector of the building industry.

Special connections, unique framing, complex designs to simple shear connections – CSD does it all.

Connection design varies greatly based on project location and project needs. CSD can provide several levels of design services above and beyond typical connection design.

With such a wide variety of connection design background, CSD can provide experienced licensed engineers as expert witnesses for litigation, as well as inspection and investigation services.

Featured Project

One World Trade Center is a 104-story, 3.5 million square foot skyscraper that is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.  Learn More >

Connection Design

for Steel Framing & Bracing

Seismic Design

for Connections


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and Inspections

Retrofit & Modification

to Existing Connections

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