Cold-Formed Steel Structures Conference 2018

Nov 7, 2018 | Recent News

Two employees of CSD presented papers at the 2018 Wei-Wen Yu International Specialty Conference on Cold-Formed Steel Structures November 7-8 at St. Louis Station, St. Louis, Missouri. The conference featured publications authored by researchers, manufacturers, trade organizations, and structural engineers pertaining to the analysis, design, and use of cold-formed steel in buildings and other structures. The two-day conference featured authors from throughout North America, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Dawid Gwozdz presented research titled “Comparison of Experimental and Numerical Results for Flexural Capacity of Light-Gage Steel Roof Deck.” This study co-authored with Dr. Chris Raebel (principal researcher,Milwaukee School of Engineering) was part of a research project initiative supported by the American Iron and Steel Institute Small Project Fellowship program. Chris and Dawid reviewed the Effective Width and Direct Strength Methods currently employed in the design of steel deck and their accuracy as compared to tested specimens. Additional project support was also provided by the Steel Deck Institute, National Roofing Contractor’s Association, and CANAM Steel.

Joshua Buckholt presented a paper entitled “The 2017 AISI Cold-Formed Steel Design Manual.” This paper was co-authored by Helen Chen of the American Iron and Steel Institute. The paper provided an overview of the information contained in the D100-17: Cold Formed Steel Design Manual, recently published by the American Iron and Steel Institute, and the new information contained within. Additional information on the International Specialty Conference is available at