CSD Experts Contribute to AISC Manual of Steel Construction

May 31, 2023 | Recent News

The AISC Manual of Steel ConstructionCSD experts play an integral role in the development of the AISC Manual of Steel Construction, the standard reference for structural steel design and construction in the United States. 

Several CSD team members serve as members of task groups and task committees that contribute to the development of ANSI consensus standards that are adopted by the building code. By providing insights and recommendations related to connection design, loads, analysis and stability, and more, CSD experts are involved at the ground floor of developing standards that eventually go through the International Code Council process and are adopted into the building code for use throughout the United States.

During the development of the manuals themselves, CSD staff serve on the AISC Manual Committee, which develops and approves the content using a consensus process. For over 20 years, CSD has updated all of the tabulated values in the Manual to be in compliance with the new AISC specification, and also with any changes directed by the Manual Committee. 

In addition to the Manual of Steel Construction, CSD assists with the development of the AISC Seismic Manual, providing review and independent check of the content as well as updating values.

 CSD also assists with the development of a series of example problems that AISC publishes as a companion to the Manual of Steel Construction, providing an independent content check to ensure accuracy of the final publication. 

The expertise provided by CSD staff throughout the development of these essential industry publications exemplifies CSD’s commitment to continued leadership in the construction engineering industry.

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