ExxonMobil Energy Center

ExxonMobil Energy Center

Location: Houston, Texas
CSD Contact: Thomas Getschman

ExxonMobil’s new Houston campus began construction in 2011. The goal is to consolidate several EM divisions into the new state-of-the-art facilities. The new campus will serve 10,000+ employees and is being built on a 385 acre site which will include multiple office buildings, laboratory, wellness center, child development center, and dining/retail. The campus is anchored by the Energy Center, a training and meeting facility, which acts as a focal point at the main entrance to the campus.

Temporary bracing of large and heavy members
Fit-up for Mill to bear CJP connections
Temporary support of partially erected structure
Pot bearing protection
Shoring towers for multi-stage truss erection
Hurricane contingency planning
Providing custom erection aids

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