Nucor JFE Galvanizing Line

Nucor JFE Galvanizing Line

Location: Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico
CSD Contact: Tim Bickel

The Nucor JFE Galvanizing Line supplies steel to automakers in Mexico. CSD’s partnership and relationship with Nucor made our team the logical choice to provide building structure design for this project.

The project was an 1,800-foot long two-aisle building with 12 overhead cranes ranging from 10 metric tons to 50 metric tons. The entry and exit sections had a 150-foot tall eave height and the galvanizing tower had a 250-foot tall eave height. The building was designed to the Mexican Building Code and is in a high seismic region that is also subject to high wind.

The challenges involved with design and size constraints caused by the original intent to fabricate the structure in Texas and ship large pre-assembled sections were addressed with the ingenuity and capability that is core to CSD’s mission.

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