Nucor New Electric Arc Furnace

Nucor New Electric Arc Furnace

Location: Birmingham, Alabama
CSD Contact: Tim Bickel

Providing engineering for platform modifications, foundations, and slag walls in an existing structure involves challenges that require a high level of experience and problem-solving ability. CSD excels at these kinds of unique projects, and our long relationship with Nucor is the result of our ability to consistently deliver a high level of quality and service despite these challenges.
To replace the electric arc furnace in Nucor’s Birmingham, Alabama facility, CSD needed to design the modifications to the fixed EAF platform to accommodate the new furnace, and new foundations to support the furnace. This all had to be done while interfacing with the existing platform structure and existing foundations. Also included in the project was the reconstruction of the slag walls. Because this area is exposed to direct contact with molten slag, the walls needed protective elements that could also be sacrificial and readily replaced.
The harsh environment of this project due to direct contact with molten steel and slag meant that Nucor needed a project partner that offered unique solutions to unique problems. CSD has proven over many years of successful projects that we offer a high level of expertise and problem solving in unique engineering challenges.

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