Nucor Shipping Expansion and Storage Racks

Nucor Shipping Expansion and Storage Racks

Location: Birmingham, Alabama
CSD Contact: Tim Bickel

When Nucor Steel was designing an expansion to their shipping area of their Birmingham, Alabama facility, they consulted with CSD, their preferred vendor for structural design. Our long partnership with Nucor is built upon years of successful projects, and the multiple challenges involved with this one required the knowledge and expertise that CSD delivers.

The expansion required a match of the existing geometry in order to provide continuity to the overhead crane runway. In addition, Nucor wanted to expand capacity for bundles of rebar. To accomplish this, the interior of the new building was recessed 3-feet from the existing building. Storage racks with vertical stanchions were designed to allow for stacking bundles up to 16 feet high. The stanchions were designed to be adjustable so that the storage bays could be tailored to specific amounts of storage for particular products.

Designing the new expansion in and around an existing facility built on shallow bedrock provided a challenge to the CSD team. Our expertise in software analysis in building structure and foundation design as well as storage rack design allowed us to provide robust engineering drawings that exceeded customer expectations.

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