Rack Structures

Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) have changed the way products are stored.

CSD works with ASRS suppliers and fabricators to provide the proper storage facility for every warehouse operation. CSD will design the building and rack structure around the needs of the owner and the demands of the automated storage and retrieval systems.

Fastenal IHUB

Indianapolis, IN

Fastenal is a distributor of industrial and construction products throughout North America. CSD designed a 183’ wide by 450’ long by 100’ tall rack supported building for the fabricator/erector. The...

H.E.B. Grocery

San Antonio, TX

H.E.B. operates more than 350 groceries in Texas and Northern Mexico. CSD designed a 150’ wide by 200’ long by 100’ tall automated rack supported building structure for the fabricator/erector....

Nucor-Yamato Steel Company is the largest structural steel mill in the Western Hemisphere. CSD designed this 47,000 square foot rack building to support sizing rolls ranging from 28,000 to 51,000...

Transcontinental Paper is one of the largest printers in the US and Canada. CSD designed the 45ft wide by 380ft long by 60ft tall automated rack supported building structure for...

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