Shear Strength of Adhesive Anchors | Publication by Tim Bickle | CSD Structural Engineers
Shear Strength of Adhesive Anchors
September 2002
Category Publication

While there are several procedures for calculating the capacity of headed studs and other mechanical fasteners anchored in concrete, comparable information is not readily available for adhesive anchors. This paper examines the validity of applying the two most commonly used procedures for headed stud anchors to predict the shear capacity
of adhesive anchors. These are the PCI Design Handbook (Fifth Edition) method and the Concrete Capacity Design (CCD) method. An analysis is first carried out which compares the use of these methods with headed studs and adhesive anchors. The application of these methods for adhesive anchors is then examined in more detail, and appropriate adjustments are proposed. It is concluded that, for single adhesive anchors, the PCI Design Handbook method and the CCD method, with proper adjustments, can be used for predicting the shear capacity of adhesive anchors with similar accuracy.

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