Skylight Design

Skylight systems add unique architectural design to structures while enhancing their interior ambiance, creating spaces that are exceptionally beautiful and functional inside and out. CSD brings expertise in both analysis and design to your skylight project, ensuring that the completed structure exceeds expectations.

With over 3000 skylight designs completed and three decades of experience, CSD brings a level of creative ingenuity to your skylight design project that is unmatched. Each design includes the special considerations for each project location throughout the US and around the world.

Using CSD-developed software and state-of-the-art 2D and 3D modeling and analysis, CSD provides a host of services for manufacturers of skylight systems, including design and analysis of components for point-supported glazed skylight systems, design and analysis of glazing for both traditionally-framed and point-supported skylight systems, services for traditionally-framed skylight systems that require blast-loading resistance, and assistance with specialized cladding components and arrangements.

Our portfolio of successful skylight design projects presents a variety of unique structures that required CSD’s knowledge and problem-solving ingenuity to execute properly. We can assist with the evaluation of unique project requirements, advise you of the potential effects on your skylight system, and often, provide you with creative options and solutions. CSD’s team of nationally-recognized structural engineers also offer the design of any necessary supporting structures for your skylight system using aluminum, steel, concrete, or wood framing.

Featured Project

SUNY - Skylight Design | CSD Structural Engineers

This custom skylight system provides the enclosure for the campus commons at State University.  The skylight system uses aluminum rafters and insulated glazing to provide the enclosure of the interior building space. Learn More >

Design Services

  • Structural Analysis
  • Glazing Analysis
  • Connection Design
  • Calculation Review
  • Drawing Review
  • Sealed Calculations

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CSD is dedicated to the success of your project. Our team of experts brings an unmatched level of ingenuity and experience to provide value to our clients. To move your project forward, contact us via phone or email today.