Steel Framed Stairway Design 2-Part Webinar

May 14, 2018 | Recent News

Adam Friedman, in follow up to his recent NASCC conference presentation, is conducting a webinar with partnership with the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). It is a two part webinar on May 30th and June 6th.

Part 1 of the webinar provides guidance for the design and layout of steel elements for steel framed stairways, guards, handrail and related components. Information regarding stairways, code requirements for gravity loading and serviceability criteria, design methods, and design examples will be presented.

Part 2 of the webinar provides information regarding code requirements for seismic loading and serviceability criteria, guard/handrail design, design examples, considerations related to construction tolerances, additional design considerations, and delegated design.

For more information on the topics covered and to register, please visit the AISC webinar page here.

If you are looking for expertise and services related to steel framed stairway design, contact Adam Friedman, the author behind soon-to-be-published AISC Design Guide 34: Steel Framed Stairway Design. Available services include many types of Miscellaneous Steel.