CSD Experts Present at NASCC

Apr 19, 2023 | Recent News

CSD Structural Engineering attends and presents at NASCC: The Steel Conference 2023

CSD participated in the 2023 NASCC: The Steel Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina on April 12-14. The CSD team, including CSD retirees Jim Fisher and Mike West, presented on a variety of structural steel topics.

UPDATE: Added links to the presentations on the AISC Learning Portal


Jim Fisher – Steel Joist Tool Box Additions
Retrofitting buildings that are framed with steel joists and joist girders can present problems for the EOR, particularly if there are no construction documents available.SJI has developed two tools to assist with this process. The Joist Reinforcement Tool helps with the selection and placement of reinforcing materials on the joist needing reinforcement. The Joist Girder Analysis Tool helps the EOR determine if there is available capacity in the joist girder for any proposed new loading.
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Mike West – It fits! – Tolerances aren’t important, until it doesn’t fit
The tolerances for the steel fabrication and erection that are provided in the AISC Code of Standard Practice are an essential elements in Steel Construction. In part, these tolerances establish the quality of the work, but related issues are also of significance. These other issues are tolerance coordination among building systems, adjustment at building system interfaces, and the accommodation of follow-on trades, such as the structural steel frame as a follow-on to the foundations and follow-on trades to the frame such as the façade/curtain wall. The presentation will cover a range of codes, standards, and design guides that attendees use on a daily basis.
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Tom Getschman – What an Erector Needs to Know About Engineered Erection Plans
This session will help guide Erectors with developing their Engineered Erection Plan from the bidding process through completion in the field. Tips from identifying potential pre-bid field challenges to understanding what is contained within the Engineered Erection Plan and why it matters. The presentation will discuss the Code of Standard Practice, the bidding process, engaging an erection engineer and implementing an Engineered Erection Plan efficiently and correctly.
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Tim Bickel – Crane Runway Basics
Crane runway structures have unique characteristics and requirements that must be understood to perform reliably in a heavy industrial environment. The purpose of this session is to provide an overview of the important topics related to runway structures. This will include background on cranes and a review of the elements of runway structures. We will examine the codes and other publications that apply to these structures, and how loads are determined, combined, and applied. Also discussed are important construction tolerances as compared to typical structural steel construction. Finally, we will how to examine runway structures for potential crane upgrades.
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Adam Friedman – Stability of trusses during erection
This session will provide an overview of methods to evaluate the stability and strength of trusses during steel erection. Strength checks, connection design, and stability considerations will be presented along with recommendations for analysis methods and design assumptions for trusses. The presentation will discuss temporary bracing and related design checks.
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